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Priceless Legacies of Prayer
Prayers & Paraphrased Prayers 
of Charles Spurgeon, Scripture & Others

1 to 588

By Anthony J. Ruspantini - Edited

Opening Quotes | Dedication | Appreciation | Foreword | Introduction | Prayeraphrases 1 to 588 | Topic & Prayer Number | Appendix A | Appendix B | Appendix C | Author Index

1. Come Holy Spirit, breathe light into our thoughts, life into our words. Charles Spurgeon

2. Thank You, Father, for Thy unspeakable Gift, The Lord Jesus. We know that all the unknown joys He gives
were bought with agonies unknown. Charles Spurgeon

3. How can we praise Thee enough Lord Jesus for becoming peerless in misery that we might partake of the
fullness of joy. Charles Spurgeon

4. We bow down in grateful adoration before Thee Lord Jesus; Thee who bowed so low that You might lift us up
to be with Thee forever. Charles Spurgeon

5. O Father, what are our shallow griefs compared with the infinite sorrows of Immanuel? Charles Spurgeon 

6. O Thou Precious Lamb of God, Thou Monarch of the realms of misery, Thou chief among ten thousand sufferers,
teach us to live beneath the shadow of Thy cross. Charles Spurgeon

7. Good Master, fulfill our heart's desire, and lay Thy cross on some unaccustomed shoulder even now. Charles

8. Father, prepare us for the height of blessing to which You have called us. Help us to receive gratefully
the painful preliminaries necessary to fully receive Thy highest good to us. Charles Spurgeon

9. Thou Gentle Dove, teach us that high palaces need deep foundations, and that it takes a long time to
excavate a human soul so deep that Thou art able to build a beautiful palace of grace therein. Charles

10. O Father, teach us that eminence in grace can only come by affliction. Charles Spurgeon

11. Thou All Sufficient Helper, if severe trials are ordained for us, strengthen us in our infirmities and
enable us to rest in Thy love. Charles Spurgeon

12. Help us to realize always that we are never out of the reach of Thy everlasting arms. Charles Spurgeon

13. Ever surround us with a sense of Thy boundless love and infinite wisdom. Charles Spurgeon

14. O Father, we thirst to be like Christ, to bring glory to His sacred name by complete conformity to Him.
Charles Spurgeon

15. O Father, help us to realize that "It is finished" contains an ocean of meaning in a drop of language.
[John 19:30] Charles Spurgeon

16. Praise Thee Our Father for the awesome stoop of Thy condescending grace, that caused You to number us
among Thy redeemed ones to whom Christ spoke when He said ' 'It is finished.'' [John 19:30] Charles Spurgeon

17. O Our Father, Him, and then the sinner see, look through Jesus' wounds on me. [Psalm 84:9] Charles

18. Thou Triune God, Christ's "It is finished" strikes our minds with awe and our hearts with joy because
those marvelous three words, consolidated heaven, shook hell, comforted earth, delighted the Father, glorified
the Son, brought down the Spirit, and confirmed the everlasting covenant to all Thine elect. [John 19:30]
Charles Spurgeon

19. O Thou Who only are worthy of all our love, cause us to not only know Thy precious Word, but retain it in
our hearts that it might fuel the fires of our Divine affection and kindle in us lively sentiments of faith
and love and rapturous joy and adoration. [Proverbs 4:4,21; Jeremiah 15:16] Charles Spurgeon

20. Thrice Holy God, let our imagination extend our vision, that from this area of hallowed outlook there will
arise in us rivers of gracious sympathy abundantly comforting the children of pain and grief [2 Corinthians
1:3-5] Charles Spurgeon

21. Grant us, Thou Spirit of the Living God, greater likeness to Christ by vastly extending the range of our
sensitiveness to the world's sorrow and pain. [2 Corinthians 1:3-5; Romans 12:15] J,H, Jowett,

22. Father, how it gladdens our hearts that Christ's actions when on earth were either the spontaneous
expression of His true participation in human sorrow, or, the merciful veiling of His glory that our sense-
bound eyes might see the better. [John 11:35: Matthew 17:2; Romans 12:15] Alexander MacLaren 

23. O God, because the vision of Thy Divine Presence ever takes the form which our circumstances most require,
we are moved to grateful praise and ardent love. [Matthew 3:16; 17:2] Alexander MacLaren 

24. O Father, our constant longing desire is that through the sanctifying ministry of Thy Blessed Holy Spirit,
Thine inheritance, Thy precious communion of saints, might bring continual and unspeakable joy to Thy heart.
[Ephesians 1:18] The Compiler

25. Eternal Father, increase our thankfulness that Thy love presides over the arrangements of grace and
strikes upon the bell when the best moment has arrived; that You bless us by Thy temporary delays, as well as
Thy prompt replies; that the time of the promise corresponds with the time most enriching to heart and soul.
[Psalms 37:34 (TLB)] Charles Spurgeon

26. God of Time and Eternity, we lack adequate words to sufficiently praise Thee that You have not only
resolved to enrich us in the future, but even now You have endowed us with the treasures of Thy love. [1 John
1:3-4] Charles Spurgeon

27. Father, we praise Thee that Thy love is as certain in the night of darkness as in the brightness of the
day of joy. [Hebrews 13:5] Charles Spurgeon

28. O Our Father, to hear of Thy love is sweet, to believe it most precious, but to enjoy it is paradise below
the skies. [John 14:23] Charles Spurgeon

29. Great Triune God, we know not how to sufficiently praise Thee, that Thy love is that fountain from which
all the rivers of mercy which have ever gladdened our race all the rivers of grace in time and glory
hereafter take their rise. [1 John 4:8; John 3:16] Charles Spurgeon

30. Father, may the eyes of our understanding be flooded with Divine light that we might know the hope to
which we have been called and how rich is Thy glorious inheritance in Thy saints. And may this Thy glorious
inheritance, consisting of Thy setJoseph Alleinepart ones, bring unutterable joy to Thine infinite heart of
love. [Ephesians 1:18 (AMP)] The Compiler

31. How we praise Thee Thou Living, Loving Lord, that praying over Thy Word as Thy Holy Spirit enables us,
brings great joy to our hearts as we continue to make fresh discoveries of the heights and depths, and lengths
and breadths of the love of Christ and as we find new and precious meaning in texts long familiar to us.
[Ephesians 3:18-19] , Charles Spurgeon

32. O Father, Father, at least at times may we be permitted to lose ourselves in a rapture of adoring ecstasy
before Thy throne. [1 Peter 1:8] Charles Spurgeon

33. Lord Jesus, we want to belong to Thee. [Song of Solomon 2:16] Count Zinzendorf

34. Father, help us to speak of Jesus in such a way that others might see at least a faint outline of His
incomprehensible beauty. Then, by Thy Holy Spirit, shine through the mist of our cloudy language that Christ
might be revealed in all His glory. [Psalm 119:27,171-172] Charles Spurgeon

35. O, Thou Refiner, how we thank Thee that you still persevere with Thy people with settled resolve of
ceaseless love till Christ be formed in us. [Romans 8:29] Charles Spurgeon

36. Lord Jesus, how it thrills our hearts to think that You watch each one of Thine own as intensely as if You
had not another. [John 10:27] Charles Spurgeon

37. Father, how we praise Thee that although the beauty and perfections of Christ are inconceivably above our
conceptions, and unutterably above our utterances, yet, somehow You are pleased to condescend to the
littleness of our capacities, and enable us to experience joys unspeakable and full of glory as Christ
manifests His love to us. [1 Peter 1:8; John 14:21] Charles Spurgeon

38. Blessed Spirit of God, cause our faith to increase in fullness, constancy, and simplicity. [Luke 17:5]
Charles Spurgeon

39. Father, by Thy Spirit, grant to us a more perfect apprehension of Christ's love to us, that in turn our
love to Him might be wonderfully increased. [John 14:21] Charles Spurgeon

40. Grant faith to us O Lord, that is characterized by that holy expectancy that turns obstacles into helps
and stones of stumbling into stepping tones to higher things. [Hebrews 11:11-13] Alexander

41. How we praise Thee Lord Jesus, that fellowship with Thee is the unfailing fountain of our joy. [John
15:7,11] Charles Spurgeon

42. O Thou Triune Lover of Man, we are compelled to believe that Christ's Substitution for us will cause us to
be overwhelmed with wonder, awe, love and praise through time and eternity. [Psalm 84:9] The Compiler

43. Thou blessed Spirit of God, as often as it would glorify the Father, may the contemplation of Christ's
incomprehensible Substitution for us, fill us with unutterable love to Thee and bring infinite joy to the
Precious, Blessed Trinity. [Psalm 84:9] The Compiler

44. O Father, Christ's Substitution in our behalf has been called the greatest marvel in the universe, the
miracle of earth, the mystery of heaven, the terror of hell. Cause us to ponder it often till it works in us
an intense enthusiasm of gratitude, love and praise. [Psalm 84:9] Charles Spurgeon

45. O Righteous Father, we scarcely know a prayer that would better become our lips as our last prayer on
earth than "Behold, O God our shield, and look upon the face of Thine Anointed." [Psalm 84:9] Charles Spurgeon

46. Enable us as Thy people O our Father, to clearly quote Thy precious promises when we are attacked by the
enemy of our souls. [Matthew 4:4; Ephesians 6:17] Charles Spurgeon

47. Father, at times allow Thy people to take venturesome flights into the atmosphere of heaven with no other
wings but those of faith and love. Charles Spurgeon

48. Lord, help us to regard our lowliest, commonest duties as the porch of the edifice of a glorious future;
to regard even the dullest moments of time as the doorstep of celestial brilliance. Charles Spurgeon

49. How we praise Thee our Father, that even our most ardent prayers only move Thy mighty arm because The
Great Mediator has stepped in to remove the sin and ineptness of our supplication. [John 13:8] Charles

50. Lord Jesus, how we thank Thee that Thy dying blood is marvelously matched by Thy living, pleading
intercessory work for Thine own. [Hebrews 7:25] Charles Spurgeon

51. Lord, the one thing we want from Thee, the thing we seek most of all, is the privilege of meditating in
Thy temple, living in Thy presence every day of our lives, delighting in Thy incomparable Triune perfections
and glory. [Psalm 27:4 (TLB)] The Compiler

52. O Love Immeasurable, ever expand our finite capacity to receive Thy fullness. [Ephesians 3:19] The

53. O Thou precious Lord Jesus, take our highest manhood and saturate it with Thy Word, overflow it with Thy
love. [Psalm 119:11,97] Charles Spurgeon

54. O Adorable Comforter, work in us that we might burn in our heart of hearts, while we blaze before the eyes
of Others. [Philippians 2:13] Charles Spurgeon

55. Father, may Thy people be the salt of the earth indeed that others may become keenly aware of the depths
of their spiritual dehydration and danger. John MacArthur Jr.

56. How we praise Thee, O Father, that the joys of the Holy Spirit are but the morning glances of the daylight
of glory and of the Son of happiness that shall arise upon us in another world. AW Tozer

57. O Lord, how we praise Thee that You delight to bring Thy glory to make radiant the commonplace, that You
love to fill the common waterpots with Thy mysterious wine; that You choose earthen vessels into which You
pour Thy incomparable treasure. FB Meyer

58. Father, how we praise Thee that You are able to make a humdrum duty shine like the wayside bush that
burned with fire and was not consumed, that You can make our daily business the channel of Thy grace, that You
can take our disappointments and fill them with treasures of unspeakable consolation. J,H, Jowett,

59. O Loving Father, be pleased to use our poor, broken, stammering speech to convey the wonder of Thy grace
to the weary, sinful souls of men. J,H, Jowett,

60. Holy Father, how we praise Thee that the very birth-hour of Christianity irradiated the seemingly
insignificant doings of humble people that when the angels went to the shepherds, common work was encircled
with an immortal crown. FB Meyer

61. Father, how we praise Thee that the common round and daily task have a light thrown around them from the
beauty of His countenance. FB Meyer

62. Father, if Thou be pleased to reveal to us a glint of light from among the precious truths of Thy Word,
enable us to shine it forth to others. FB Meyer

63. Father, Father, in all worlds, in all ages, and in my little life, let the energy of Thy Will work itself
out to its glorious fruition. FB Meyer

64. Father, may Thy Royal Will be done indeed on earth as it is in heaven! FB Meyer

65. Father, because we know that crises often arise in our experience when we need to know exactly what to
say, we praise Thee for the Gospel mold of Thy precious Word into which we may pour the molten metal of our
fervent hearts. FB Meyer

66. Father, may Thy Holy Spirit within us be as a fountain of Thy life and love; to work in us both to will
and to do of Thy good pleasure. FB Meyer

67. Father, through the channels of outward expression, whether it be the written or the spoken word, help us
to be fountains of Thy Divine love and beneficent intentions toward mankind. FB Meyer

68. How we praise Thee Lord Jesus, that Thy disciples, humble fishermen, shone with a light which has
irradiated all succeeding time. FB Meyer

69. Light me, O Light of Life, and let my nature henceforth have no other purpose than to shine on earth as
Thou shinest in Eternal Glory, emitting a radiance of the same nature and yielding the same prism as Thine
own. FB Meyer

70. Loving Spirit of God, be pleased to teach Thy suffering ones that joy not rooted in the soil of suffering
is shallow. [1 Peter 1:6-8] J,H, Jowett,

71. Our Heavenly Father, it thrills our hearts and stretches our imagination to conceive that You delight
greatly in the delight of Thy children. [I John 1:3-4] Charles Spurgeon

72. Father, we are filled with praise to Thee for teaching us that there is a joy in life so deep that its
roots are intertangled with all the roots of pain, and that there is a great gladness that shines like a
rainbow against the darkest sky. [1 Peter 1:6-8] GH Morrison

73. Sweet Holy Spirit, Thou Gentle Flame, cause our love to Jesus to be so vehement and allThe
Compileronsuming that it might be visible in our actions, audible in our ordinary words, and even seen in our
eyes in our commonest glances. [Matthew 22:3 7-38] Charles Spurgeon

74. O Father, may our love to Jesus be more like that of the early Christians, like a flame that fed upon the
core and heart of their being; and, therefore, from its own force burned its way into the outer man, and shone
there. [Matthew 22:37-38] Charles Spurgeon

75. Blessed Spirit, be pleased to allow us to sense something of the amazing, immeasurable, incomprehensible
love of the Father, till our very souls are inflamed with it, and our unloving nature is all on fire with love
to the great Lover of the souls of men! [John 3:16] Charles Spurgeon

76. O Father, enable us to esteem Holiness with apparent failure as infinitely better than success which is
coupled with compromise. [1 John 2:15] J,H, Jowett,

77. Lord, grant us that faith which draws energy out of splendid ideals and incorporates it in our present and
immediate life. [James 1:22] J,H, Jowett,

78. Cause us O Lord to earnestly desire and long after the full accomplishment of Thy glory. [Matthew 6:9-13]
AW Tozer

79. Lord Jesus, long and often draw our hearts to believingly ponder Thy Divine attributes, and thus increase
our faith. [Luke 17:5] Charles Spurgeon

80. O Thou Living Word, how we love Psalm 119 because we could take the word of the Psalmist and lift it into
one of the letters of the Apostle Paul and it would not be dimmed by the encircling glory. [Psalm 119] J,H,

81. Praise you. Thou Glorious Lord, for commanding the light to shine into the darkness of our hearts that we
might reflect to others, the light of Thy knowledge in the face of Jesus Christ. [2 Corinthians 4:6] Alexander

82. Great Triune God, grant that we might see wondrous things in Thy precious Word, things that only the
believing eye beholds, things that are wrapped in the invisibility of their own greatness. [Psalm 119:18]
Alexander MacLaren 

83. Gracious Triune God, ever make it the magnificent obsession and passion of our lives to bring joy to Thy
infinite heart of love. The Compiler

84. Father, enable us to realize more and more that the shortThe Compilerut is seldom the finest road that Thy
round-about ways are filled with heavenly treasure that every winding is purposed for the discovery of new
wealth. O Lord, what riches we gather on the way to Thy goal. J,H, Jowett,

85. O Thou Blessed Master, grant us that holy reasoning of love that draws no license from grace, but rather
feels the strong constraints of gratitude leading it to holiness. Charles Spurgeon

86. How we praise Thee Lord that You delight to hang great weights on apparently slender wires, to have
great events turn on seeming trifles, to make poverty the minister of the unsearchable riches of Christ. J,H,

87. Father, grant that we might experience with wondrous spontaneity, true Christian joy as our hearts
harmoniously respond to Thy continuing song of love. A,W, Tozer,

88. Holy Father, how we praise Thee that Thy delays are delays of love; delays according to the possibilities
of restoration and recovery, or, infinitely greater blessing which Thy Divine eye discerns. [Psalm 37:4; 37:34
(TLB)J Alexander MacLaren 

89. O Lord, so excite our highest sensibilities that we might respond with instant praise and grateful love to
the tender appeals of Thy precious truths. Joseph Parker

90. May we ever O Lord, carry the glory of mighty hope into our common duty and into the cross-bearing of the
dreary day. [Romans 15:13] GH Morrison

91. Lord Jesus, pour the music of Thy love through this bruised reed of Thine. Charles Spurgeon

92. Lord Jesus, introduce many a lost one to the Father, who will kiss them with the kisses of His love and
take off their rags and clothe them with the glorious robes of Thine own righteousness. Charles Spurgeon

93. O Father, keep us ever mindful that we are continually writing on the pages of eternity. Charles Spurgeon

94. O Blessed Master, even when we pray we are often plagued with many distracting thoughts. Ever enable us to
pierce them through with the incomparable sword of Thine own Spirit. [2 Corinthians 10:5] Charles Spurgeon

95. Almighty God, make us all like little children; may we look wonderingly up to heaven until the star guides
us to Bethlehem; when we are there we shall not stop short of Calvary. Joseph Parker

96. Lord, grant to us that sensitivity that we might mourn when Thou art offended and weep when Thy cause is
wounded. [Philippians 3:10] Charles Spurgeon

97. Father, how we praise Thee that the first thing You do by Thy Holy Spirit is to renew the soil by the
mighty enriching energies of Thy grace; then You plant the vigorous word of Thy truth and the thorns and
briars of falsity are smothered in its presence. [John 3:3; 1 Peter 1:2 3] J,H, Jowett,

98. O God of Hope, fill all Thy people with all joy and peace in believing, that they may abound in hope
through the power of Thy Blessed Holy Spirit. [Romans 15:13] The Compiler

99. Father, by faith may we see Jesus, and may His presence be so evidently realized among us that we may be
filled with joy unspeakable, as if our eyes truly beheld Him in all His glory. [John 17:24; 1 Peter 1:8]
Charles Spurgeon

100. How we praise Thee O Lord that it is joy to Jesus to let us behold His joy, and it is glory to us to
behold His glory and how much more so when we see Him face to face. [John 17:24; 2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP);
Colossians 3:16] Charles Spurgeon

Compiler's Note: The following are Spurgeon's exact words regarding John 17:24 from The Metropolitan
Tabernacle Pulpit, Volume 32, pg. 178:

"My text has baffled me. I am beaten back by its blaze of light. Forgive me. I had a thought, but I cannot
express it. The fire of my text burns with such fervent heat that it threatens to consume me if I draw nearer
to it. Easily could I step into heavenCharles Spurgeono I feel at this moment."

101. Thou Adorable Redeemer, how indebted to Thee are we, that Thou art the Light which flames in our cold,
gray mist and turns it to glory. [John 8:12; 2 Corinthians 4:6] Alexander MacLaren 

102. O my Blessed Master, grant that I and all Thy people might have that clear eye that is characterized by
wholeheartedness and single-minded devotion to Thee. [Matthew 5:6; 6:22-23] The Compiler

103. How grateful we are to Thee our Father that the faith You give obliterates time, annihilates distance,
and brings future things at once into its possession. [Hebrews 11:8-19] Charles Spurgeon

104. Father, Thy smile beheld by faith gives us fullness of joy. [Hebrews 11:5] Charles Spurgeon

105. Lord, enable us to escape the rut of sensual perception for the way of faith in the unseen and eternal.
[2 Corinthians 4:18] Charles Spurgeon

106. Father, we praise Thee that in a thousand ways, faith sweetens, enlarges and enriches life. [Romans 5:1-
5] Charles Spurgeon

107. Grant us that faith, O Lord, that not only flies to heaven, but walks with Thee below. [Romans 5:1-5]
Charles Spurgeon

108. O Father, may that which is written with ink in Thy Word be written with grace on our hearts. [Psalm
119:162] Charles Spurgeon

109. Lord Jesus, we have need to lament that we often live in the cottage of doubt when You would be pleased
to have us live in the mansion of faith. [Hebrews 11:5-6] Charles Spurgeon

110. Thou Blessed Master, grant us that oil of grace continually that keeps the flame of our faith burning.
[Luke 18:8; 17:5] Charles Spurgeon

111. Holy Father, grant us an oasis of faith amid this wilderness of doubt. [Luke 18:8; 17:5] Charles Spurgeon

112. Lord, grant that we might be plunged into that sea of holy confidence in Thee. [Luke 18:8; 17:5] Charles

113. Thou Redeemer and Lord, draw us so near to Thee that faith may become to us the mainspring of our lives.
[Psalm 73:28] Charles Spurgeon

114. Lord Jesus, rid us of fickle feeling, fill us with precious faith. [Hebrews 11:6] Charles Spurgeon

115. Father, we praise Thee that the difficulties of faith are "gnats" beside the "camels" which unbelief has
to Swallow. [Matthew 23:24; Hebrews 11:6] Alexander MacLaren 

116. O Righteous Father, we praise Thee that the faith You give is a door through which will come all the
glory that dwelt between the cherubim and will fill the secret place in our hearts. Charles Spurgeon

117. Lord, help us to cultivate our faith by contemplating Christ, the great Object Who kindles it; by
resolving with fixed and reiterated determinations that we will exercise it. [Hebrews 3:1; 4:11] Alexander

118. Ever grant us O Lord that submissive faith that breeds wholehearted obedience. [Hebrews 11:5-6] The

119. Father, be pleased to give Thy people that faith that deadens us to and lifts us above the world's
delights. [1 John 5:4] Charles Spurgeon

120. Lord of Love, cause our faith to be like a burning-glass, which concentrates the rays of Thy Divine Love
upon our hearts and focuses them into a point that kindles our hearts into a flame and an answering, fervent
love to Thee. [1 John 4:19] Alexander MacLaren 

121. Father, how we praise Thee that the holy glory of Divine communion breaks into our most commonplace
circumstances and colors and transfigures them. [1 John 1:3-4] J,H, Jowett,

122. Spirit of the Living God, may Thy holy purposes lay hold of human ministries, and cause the insignificant
to be glorified by the infinite. [Isaiah 6:6-8] Charles Spurgeon

123. Lord, we long to be wholehearted doers of Thy precious Word. [Psalm 119:20] The Compiler

124. God of Truth, keep Thy sheep from the poisonous pastures of error. [John 14:6; 17:17] Charles Spurgeon

125. Lord, make our lives to be practical transcripts of Thy Holy Will. [Psalm 119:20] Charles Spurgeon

126. Gracious Father, keep us keeping Thy Royal Will. [James 1:22; Psalm 119:20] Charles Spurgeon

127. Father, we praise Thee that Thy law is a storm which wrecks our hopes of selfCharles Spurgeonalvation,
but washes us upon the Rock of Ages. [Galatians 3:24-25] Charles Spurgeon

128. Our hearts overflow with gratitude and joy when we meditate upon Thy Word which says: "Truly our
fellowship is (not was or will be) with Thee and Thy Son the Lord Jesus.'' [1 John 1:3-4] Charles Spurgeon

129. Father, our passionate heart's desire is that THY joy may be full, as the result of our fellowship with
Thee. [1 John 1:3-4] The Compiler

130. Father, we know that You take unutterable delight in Thy Son, and in our own baby way we delight in Him
too. O Father, won't You increase our delight in Jesus, that Thy delight in Him may abound even more. [1 John
1:3-4] The Compiler

131. Father, may fellowship with Thee, and Thy Son, by Thy Holy Spirit permeate the entire communion of saints
so completely, resulting in a transport so Divine, that tongue could never tell, nor lips describe the sacred
rapture. [1 John 1:3-4] Charles Spurgeon

132. O Father, what overflowing joys we experience when Thy Son manifests Himself to us. [John 14:21] Charles

133. What treasure! what gold mines! what oceans of wealth what mountains of sparkling gems have You conferred
upon us in Christ O Our Father. [Ephesians 2:7] Charles Spurgeon

134. O Father, the precious faith You give is the root of all our graces, the channel of communion, the weapon
of prevalence, the shield of safety, the evidence of eternity and the passport of glory. Grant us O Lord, more
of this inestimably precious faith. [2 Peter 1:1-4] Charles Spurgeon

135. Father, how we praise Thee that You have called us to be Thine own. [Ephesians 1:4; 1 Peter 5:10] The

136. Lord, we desire to overflow with endless praise and adoration to Thee for having called us, because we
know that Thy calling is but the first golden link in the endless chain of eternal mercies. [Ephesians 1:4, 1
Peter 5:10] Charles Spurgeon

137. Sweet Holy Spirit, direct our hearts more deeply into the love of the Father and into the expectant,
patient waiting for Christ. [2 Thessalonians 3:5] The Compiler

138. O Father, we would need language celestial to speak of the sweetness of Thy love. [2 Thessalonians 2:16-
17] Charles Spurgeon

139. Father, we could weep with joy of heart that You could ever love us. [2 Thessalonians 2:16-17] Charles

140. Triune God, with Thine infinite heart of love You love me. It is a conquering thought. It utterly
overcomes me and crushes me with its weight of joy. [2 Thessalonians 2:16-17] Charles Spurgeon

141. Father, how we praise Thee for the super excellent, sublime, overcoming, triumphing greatness of Thy
power. [Ephesians 1:19] Charles Spurgeon

142. O the Blessedness Our Father of "being accepted in the Beloved." [Ephesians 1:6] Charles Spurgeon

143. Come Holy Spirit, set our hearts on fire, express through us thunders of hallelujahs for the incomparable
blessings in Christ the Father has bestowed upon us. [Ephesians 1:3] Charles Spurgeon

144. Father, we know that Jesus is the brightness of Thy glory, the express image of Thy Person. How we praise
Thee that Thy Deity so mildly beams through the medium of human flesh in the face of Jesus Christ. [Hebrews
1:3; 2 Corinthians 4:6] Charles Spurgeon

145. Father, You have bestowed upon us the light of the knowledge of Thy glory in the face of Jesus Christ.
Now it is ours, by Thy Spirit, to reflect the light, to impart the knowledge, to manifest the glory, to point
to the Savior's face and to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. [2 Corinthians 4:6] Charles Spurgeon 

146. Lord, it delights our hearts to see traces of the Trinity in every act of grace. [2 Corinthians 13:14]
Charles Spurgeon

147. Father, help us to allow the Holy Spirit to use the truth of Thy precious Word to daily destroy sin,
nourish grace, suggest noble desires and urge to holy deeds. [John 17:17] Charles Spurgeon

148. O Father how we praise Thee for the prayer of Jesus in John 17 because it rises as it proceeds like a
golden ladder until it loses itself in heaven. [John 17:24] Charles Spurgeon

149. Sweet Holy Spirit, spur us on to more continual and earnest intercessory prayer and mightily strengthen
our faith because we know that faith is the aqueduct along which Thy floods of mercy flow down to refresh the
thirsty sons of men. [James 5:16; Luke 17:5] Charles Spurgeon

150. O Father, as Thy unspeakable love has been shed abroad in our heart, so enable us to spread it abroad to
Others. [Romans 5:5] Charles Spurgeon

151. Lord, our souls break for the longing to be knowers and doers of Thy Word. [Psalm 119:20] The Compiler

152. O Father, our highest praise is inadequate to express our delight in Christ in Whom all perfections
combine in perfect harmony to make Him the essence of all incomparable perfections and glory. [Psalm 27:4
(TLB); John 17:24] The Compiler

153. Lord, we freely admit that if we had the tongues of men and angels we could not worthily set forth the
glory of Christ's surpassing perfections. [Psalm 27:4 (TLB); John 17:24] Charles Spurgeon

154. Blessed Savior, how we praise Thee that becoming sin for us You experienced more humiliation, darkness
and agony than we could ever conceive! [2 Corinthians 5:21] Charles Spurgeon

155. Father, we are eternally indebted to Thee that our condemnation has spent itself upon our gracious
Representative. Charles Spurgeon

156. Father, help us to spy Thee in the cloud and hear Thee in the thunder. [1 John 3:1] Charles Spurgeon

157. O Father, may love to Thee and the Lord Jesus and Thy Blessed Holy Spirit be the overriding
characteristic of our lives. [1 John 3:1; Matthew 22:36-3 7] Charles Spurgeon

158. Lord Jesus, we praise Thee that trials bring us to Thy feet. Charles Spurgeon

159. We adore Thee O Our Father that trials not only lay us low and keep us there, but give new life to
prayer. [1 Peter 1:6-7] Charles Spurgeon

160. O Father, be pleased to kindle enthusiasm of spirit and burning zeal in the hearts of Thine own.
[Revelation 3:19] Charles Spurgeon

161. Holy Spirit, grant us that tongue of zeal that speaks with matchless might. [Revelation 3:19] Charles

162. Lord Jesus, draw us nearer and nearer to Thyself in ever growing fellowship of affection. [John 15:9]
Charles Spurgeon

163. Thou Husband of our souls, how we praise Thee that You overflow with Divine affection to us everyday and
all the day. [John 15:9] Charles Spurgeon

164. How we praise Thee Our Father, that in the ocean of Jesus' love to us, there is neither shore nor bottom.
[John 15:9] Charles Spurgeon

165. Thou Triune God, we overflow with praise to Thee for Thy unsought favors of unspeakable love. Charles

166. We thank Thee Lord for Thy perpetual mercies of unslumbering grace. [Ephesians 2:7] Charles Spurgeon

167. Spirit of God, help us to read more clearly the heart of Jesus. Help us to dive more deeply into the
meaning of what He has done for us. [Hebrews 3:1; 12:1-2] Charles Spurgeon

168. Lord Jesus, sensitize the hearts of all Thine own, that Thy image might be more clearly seen in us. [2
Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)] The Compiler

169. Father, how we praise Thee for Him whose head, once crowned with thorns, is now radiant with the diadem
of universal dominion. [Hebrews 12:1-2] Charles Spurgeon

170. Spirit of the Living God, we praise Thee that Thy Word to us is overflowingly alive. [Hebrews 4:12]
Charles Spurgeon

171. Lord Jesus, how grateful we are that Thy Word not only casts down the strongholds of doubt but cuts off
the head of giant despair. [Hebrews 4:12] Charles Spurgeon

172. God of Sovereign Grace, how grateful we are to Thee, that in Thy fathomless, boundless love to us. You
carry every chosen vessel of mercy from grace to glory. Charles Spurgeon

173. Holy Spirit, create in us a strong passionate desire to accept and obey God's Word in everything, and to
be conformed to it in thought and life. Then Blessed Spirit, may that passionate desire ultimately get the
victory. [Psalm 119:20] Charles Spurgeon

174. Father, as Thy people, empower us by Thy Spirit to remain tenaciously clinging to Jesus, livingly knit to
Him. [John 15:7] Charles Spurgeon

175. Thou Living Word, help us to be more believingly familiar with the promises in Thy written Word. Charles

176. Nothing is perfect except Your Words. O how I love them. I think about them all day long. [Psalm 119:96-
97 (TLB)J The Compiler

177. Lord we thank Thee that at times, truth reserves her rarest beauties for the moment when she is being
shared. [John 17:17] J,H, Jowett,

178. Sweet Spirit, teach us that the price of retention is expression. [Proverbs 4:4,21] J,H, Jowett,

179. Father, we praise Thee that the glory You reveal to us in Christ is like solar light falling upon infirm
eyes in rays of softest shining. [Hebrews 1:3] J,H, Jowett,

180. God of Truth, we are grateful that You have taught us that the full glory of truth only breaks upon us
when we proclaim it. [Psalm 119:27] J,H, Jowett,

181. Lord, You fill us with wonderment at times when in the moment of communication, truth reveals an
unexpected wealth. [Psalm 119:9-16] J,H, Jowett,

182. Lord Jesus, surprise us often with unexpected manifestations of Thy love. [John 14:21] J,H, Jowett,

183. We praise Thee Lord that truth is vivified in the very ministry of expression. [Psalm 119:27] J,H,

184. Lord, open the doors and windows of our soul to the Son of Righteousness. [Psalm 84:11] Charles Spurgeon

185. Father, grant us that faith that rests so absolutely and confidingly on Thee that Thy bare Word becomes
to us the infallible source of certitude with regard to all the shifting hours of time, and, to the steadfast
day of an eternity whose change is blessed growth to an unreached and undeclining noon. [Hebrews 11:6]
Alexander MacLaren 

186. O to be borne along by the irresistible force of eternal love! Charles Spurgeon

187. Ah Lord Jesus, Thou hast assured me of Thy love by Thy wounds. O that I loved Thee better in return!
[John 15:9] Charles Spurgeon

188. O Lord Jesus, eternity will be too short to adequately praise Thee for Thy incomprehensible condescension
in descending from highest heaven to become the Man of Sorrows for our sakes! Charles Spurgeon

189. O Father, at times we sense a desperate need to see dramatic manifestations of Thy mercies. [Ephesians
2:4] The Compiler

190. Lord Jesus, we find our bliss repeated in the joy of all whom You love as You love us. Charles Spurgeon

191. Father, when we pray, enable us to accurately quote Thine own Words in the power of Thy blessed Holy
Spirit. [1 John 5:14-15] The Compiler

192. Thou prayer hearing God, allow us to believingly remember what You have promised in Thy Word, and then
permit us to remind Thee that You promised it. [Psalm 119:49] Charles Spurgeon

193. Thou Triune God, how wondrous! how marvelous that in prayer we should be able, as it were, to move the
arm that moves the stars, and hold the King who holds the waters in the hollow of His hand! [Psalm 119:49]
Charles Spurgeon

194. Spirit of the living God, enable us to plead mightily by presenting before the Father His own sacred
Word! [Psalm 119:49] Charles Spurgeon

195. Oh that we had the power to grasp Thy Word as it ought to be grasped! [Psalm 119:49] Charles Spurgeon

196. Oh for the grace to plead the promise and rest upon it! [Psalm 119:49] Charles Spurgeon

197. How we praise Thee our Father that You choose us for Thy love, and You love us because You have chosen
us. [Psalm 119:49] Charles Spurgeon

198. Eternal Father, O that we might be people of prayer, because we know that true prayer is the shadow of a
coming blessing. [Psalm 119:49] Alexander MacLaren 

199. Because we know Our Father, the higher up the mountain the more boisterous the winds; we praise Thee even
amid our afflictions. [Psalm 119:50] Charles Spurgeon

200. Father, may we experience the fire, if only thus we can realize Thy divine presence. [Psalm 119:50]
Charles Spurgeon

201. Holy Spirit, enable us to ever bring with us Thy precious Word, brimming with rich promises, because like
the Psalmist we have found that it is our comfort in our affliction. [Psalm 119:50] Charles Spurgeon

202. O Father how we praise Thee that even the gates of despair shall open with that key called Promise, found
in Thy precious Word! [Psalm 119:50] Charles Spurgeon

203. Lord, we know that we must be cut with the sharp knife of affliction, for only then can You make use of
us. [Psalm 119:50] Charles Spurgeon

204. Lord Jesus, how we praise Thee that You came to earth to bring us truth steeped in love, truth saturated
with mercy. [John 1:14,17] Charles Spurgeon

205. O Father we praise Thee for Jesus because we know that His grace is all true, and His truth is all
gracious. [John 1:14,17] Charles Spurgeon

206. Almighty Father, how shall we, who are but as a twinkling dewdrop on a blade of grass, reflect the glory
of the Son of Righteousness? [John 1:14.17] Charles Spurgeon

207. Father, it staggers our imagination, that because of Thy miracle of love, insignificant creatures such as
we should ever be one with Incarnate Deity, and so much so that we will never be separated throughout the
ages. [John 1:14,17] Charles Spurgeon

208. O Thou morning and evening Lamb, we praise Thee everlastingly that Thy Gospel is a wonderful embodiment
of omnipotent wisdom, grace and truth. [John 1:14,17] Charles Spurgeon

209. Blessed Lord Jesus, we praise Thee that You are not only our Priest to put away our sin, but Prophet to
remove our ignorance, and King to subdue our wandering hearts. Charles Spurgeon

210. Thou Son of God, Thou Savior of men, Thou art very God of very God and our longing desire is to give
ourselves more fully to Thee. [John 1:1,14] The Compiler

211. Grant us that faith that wholeheartedly obeys for very love of Thee. [Galatians 5:6] The Compiler

212. O how we desire to please Thee Lord! [Psalm 119:20; Matthew 5:6] The Compiler

213. O what a bracelet of mercies they will make when all the days of our lives are threaded on time's string!
[Ephesians 2:4] Charles Spurgeon

214. Oh God, shall saints be shams when sinners are so real? [Matthew 3:8; 7:16] Charles Spurgeon

215. We praise Thee Our Father, that miracles of grace have been wrought in us more numerous than grains of
sand on the seashore. [Ephesians 2:4] Charles Spurgeon

216. Father, we rejoice that Thy hand has been laid upon the canvas of our lives which is matchless even in
its outlines, and foundation colors; and that You have never yet thrown away a canvas upon which You have once
commenced a masterpiece. [Ephesians 2:10] Charles Spurgeon

217. O Loving Father, may the meekness, uprightness, truth and purity of Jesus shine through our lives for all
men to see. [Matthew 5:16] Charles Spurgeon

218. Father, we praise Thee for that mystic union between Christ and Thine own which shall never be dissolved
through endless ages of eternity. [John 17:23] Charles Spurgeon

219. O to be well-pleasing in Thy sight Our Father! [Ephesians 2:10] The Compiler

220. Father, help all who name the name of Christ to soberly ponder that there is no ordination to salvation
apart from sanctification. [Ephesians 2:10] Charles Spurgeon

221. Lord, may the path of Thy setJoseph Alleinepart ones be luminous with holiness. [Proverbs 4:18; Ephesians
2:10] Charles Spurgeon

222. Blessed Trinity, grant that we might joyfully believe that You have decreed the holy lives of Thy people
as much as You have decreed our ultimate glorification with Thee in Heaven! [Romans 8:30; Ephesians 2:10]
Charles Spurgeon

223. Lord Jesus, we praise Thee for Thy condescending love which made Thee willing to exchange the supernal
joys of heaven for the jeers of earth. [John 1:14] Charles Spurgeon

224. Precious Spirit of God, it is our heart's desire to live our lives in every aspect fully under Thy Divine
influence! [Ephesians 5:18; Colossians 3:16] The Compiler

225. Father, may we who have believed in Jesus be transformed altogether by Thy Blessed Holy Spirit that great
joy might be brought to Thy heart! [2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)] The Compiler

226. Lord, grant that we might enter more thoroughly into the secret place of the Most High and more
constantly abide under the shadow of the Almighty. [Psalm 91:1,4] The Compiler

227. Father we praise Thee that we have had communion with Christ, but we long for closer communion yet. [1
John 1:3-4] Charles Spurgeon

228. Father, may we never rest satisfied feeding on crumbs when You have created us to feed abundantly on the
Bread of Heaven! [John 6:54] Charles Spurgeon

229. Lord, we praise Thee that You are eminent in overruling all opposition to Thy cause. [1 Corinthians 16:9]
Charles Spurgeon

230. Father, we praise Thee that in Thy Sovereignty even the most crafty and cruel enemy becomes the unwilling
agent of bringing greater glory to Thee. [1 Corinthians 16:9] Charles Spurgeon

231. We can never thank Thee enough O Lord for Thy precious Word, a single word of which at times opens up
infinite horizons to our souls. [Jeremiah 15:16] Charles Spurgeon

232. Thou Living Word, our highest earthly enjoyments are but a shadow in comparison to the joy that floods
our hearts when we ponder Thy incomparable Word! [Jeremiah 15:16; Psalm 39:3] Charles Spurgeon

233. Thank You Lord Jesus that Thy Word is always fresh and marvelously in tune with the ever changing needs
of our daily lives. [Psalm 119:96-97 (TLB)j Charles Spurgeon

234. Father, we praise Thee that Thy Book contains not only utterance for our deepest griefs, but songs for
our supernal joys. [Jeremiah 15:16] Charles Spurgeon

235. Sweet Spirit of Truth, we praise Thee that Thy precious Gospel not only commands holiness, but it
produces it. [Hebrews 12:14] Charles Spurgeon

236. Oh to swim in love, upborne by grace! [John 15:9] Charles Spurgeon

237. Oh to throw one's self into the might and majesty of God! [Ephesians 1:19] Charles Spurgeon

238. Oh to plunge into the Godhead's deepest sea! [2 Corinthians 13:14] Charles Spurgeon

239. Continually create in us Sweet Holy Spirit an insatiable craving to go deeper into the Triune Love of
God! [2 Corinthians 13:14] Charles Spurgeon

240. Oh to at times experience the heavenly delirium of burning zeal in Thy service. Thou Divine Master!
[Philippians 3:13-14] Charles Spurgeon

241. What a blessing it is that failing, flagging, fainting spirits, by waiting upon Thee Lord, shall renew
their strength. [Isaiah 40:31] Charles Spurgeon

242. Oh Our Father, cause us to come to Thee daily with high expectations, because we know that You will not
disappoint them. [Ephesians 3:20] Joseph Parker

243. We praise Thee Lord that Thy powerful Word rules in the lives of Thine elect. [Hebrews 4:12] Charles

244. We praise Thee Thou Triune God for Thy infinite power and Thy infinite Love, and Thy infinite Love and
Thy infinite power! [Revelation 19:6; 1 John 4:8] The Compiler

245. "Filled with all the fullness of God"- Oh, God, be it ours by sweet experience to ascend that staircase
of supernal light! [Ephesians 3:14-19] Charles Spurgeon

246. Sweet Holy Spirit, vastly enlarge our faith and strengthen us in every necessary way to live in the
atmosphere of this unspeakably marvelous prayer! [Ephesians 3:14-21] The Compiler

247. Spirit of the Living God, enable us, as much as it would be possible in the flesh, to behold Christ's
glory in the most perpetual, unclouded way, thus fulfilling Jesus' hearts' desire. [John 17:24; 2 Corinthians
3:18 (AMP)] The Compiler

248. Lord Jesus, how can we express adequately our love to Thee for descending from the highest realms of
glory to the cross of deepest woe. [John 17:5; 19:30] Charles Spurgeon

249. Our supreme desire, the thing we seek most of all, is to bring Triune glory to Thee Thou Triune God! The

250. Grant us O Lord that spiritual discipline that frees us from the gravity of this present age and allows
us to soar with angels and saints triumphant. [Philippians 2:12-13] Charles Spurgeon

251. Help us Thou Spirit of God to, with regularity, enter Thy gymnasium of Divine discipline. [Philippians
2:12-13] The Compiler

252. Oh Righteous Father, enable our spiritual eyes to clearly see the shattering results of straying from Thy
Holy Word. [Romans 6:22] The Compiler

253. Father, save us from idleness, that horrible sin that caused King David's devastating decline. [Numbers
32:20-23] The Compiler

254. Father, grant to each of us as Thy children, the discipline of Divine awareness to a supreme degree!
[Philippians 4:5] Charles Spurgeon

255. Lord, help us to clearly perceive that faith is the basis of effort, and effort is the crown of faith.
[Philippians 2:12-13] Charles Spurgeon

256. Father, we praise Thee for the wondrous transfiguring effect resulting from the thought of Thy will
continually brought into connection with the smallest of the deeds which circumstances, relationships,
occupations and the like constitute our duties. [Matthew 6:10] Charles Spurgeon

257. Lord Jesus, the sight of Thee to our inward eye is the bliss of solitude, and ministers strength to our
life in solitude or in society. [Hebrews 3:1: 12:1] Alexander MacLaren 

258. Lord, teach us that the eye that is focused to look at things on the earth cannot see the stars. [Hebrews
3:1; 12:1] Alexander MacLaren 

259. Thank You Father that we are children of the day, and our dreams are one day to pass into the sober
certainty of waking bliss. [1 Thessalonians 5:5-6] Alexander MacLaren 

260. Lord, help us to distinguish fleeting trivialities from eternal realities. [1 John 2:15] Alexander

261. Grant us O Lord a deliberate preference to things unseen and eternal. [2 Corinthians 4:18] Alexander

262. Father, grant us that faith that clearly reveals the things promised and knits us so closely to them that
we cannot help but feel a blessed separation from the things that are round about us. [2 Corinthians 4:18]
Alexander MacLaren 

263 Lord, teach us that no soul can look so as to behold unseen glories if its eye be turned to all these
vanities here. [2 Corinthians 4:18; Psalm 119:37] Alexander MacLaren 

264. Enable us O Lord to cultivate the faculty of beholding, and to train the eye to look into that telescope
that pries into distant worlds, and brings eternal glories near. [Hebrews 11:26-27] Alexander MacLaren 

265. Cause us to realize Lord, that the vision of faith is far more correspondent to the realities, and far
more satisfying to the eye that gazes, than is any vision of the sight of sense. [2 Corinthians 4:18]
Alexander MacLaren 

266. Father we praise Thee that in Christ Thy character is bloomed forth to the eyes of faith. [John 1:1,14]
J,H, Jowett,

267. Thou Triune God, in Christ we see Thy majesty issuing in grace. [John 1:16-17] J,H, Jowett,

268. How grateful we are Our Father, that in Christ we see Thy glory falling upon our infirm eyes in rays of
softest shining. [John 1:16-17] J,H, Jowett,

269. Holy Spirit, we praise Thee that the sight that faith gives is, solid, substantial, clear and certain. [2
Corinthians 5:7] Alexander MacLaren 

270. Lord, may the clear vision of that permanent future detach us from the perishable present. [Hebrews
11:26-27] Alexander MacLaren 

271. Father, let us polish the lenses of our telescopes, and use them not only for distances on earth's low
levels, but to bring eternal glories near. [2 Corinthians 4:18] Alexander MacLaren 

272. Father, our gratitude to Thee is boundless because in Christ we see Thy holiness consummated in
tenderness. [John 1:1,14] J,H, Jowett,

273. Praise Thee O Lord Jesus that in Thee we see truth in the radiant robes of mercy. [John 14:6] J,H,

274. Praise Thee Lord Jesus that in Thee we see the splendor of the Godhead shedding itself abroad in the
delicacy of love. [Colossians 2:9] J,H, Jowett,

275. Praise Thee Lord Jesus that in Thee we see the manifested presence of the Triune God, warm and gentle as
sunshine, clean and pure as fire! [Colossians 2:9] J,H, Jowett,

276. Lord, teach us that time is only redeemed from triviality when it is seen to be the preparation for
eternity, and that earth is never so fair as when we discern and use it as the vestibule of heaven. [Ephesians
5:16] Alexander MacLaren 

277. Spirit of God, cause us to soberly ponder upon the very real possibility that trifles an inch from our
eyes are big enough to shut out heaven and all its stars. [2 Corinthians 4:18] Alexander MacLaren 

278. As we trust in Thee and Thy infallible Word Blessed Spirit, may the future, so dim and uncertain to
unaided eyes, become as certain to us as the past, and expectation as reliable as memory. [Hebrews ll:7]
Alexander MacLaren 

279. Lord Jesus, grant us continuous, calm communion with Thee and be our constant companion whether in
solitude or in a crowd. [Hebrews 11:5-6] Alexander MacLaren 

280. Lord Jesus, may our lives be characterized by whole-hearted, continuous, persevering seeking of Thee.
[Hebrews 11:5-6] The Compiler

281. Sweet Holy Spirit, keep our thoughts and our love directed towards Jesus, even among the trivialities and
commonplace duties of life. [Hebrews 12:1] GH Morrison

282. Thou interceding Christ, apply to our hearts and lives all the merit You obtained by Thy incomprehensible
suffering and death for us upon the cross. [Hebrews 7:25] Charles Spurgeon?

283. Lord Jesus, let us not lose sight of the fact that You came into the world to bring peace at the far end,
but righteousness at the near end, and therefore strife. [Hebrews 7:2] Alexander MacLaren 

284. We praise Thee Sweet Holy Spirit for first imputing the very righteousness of Christ to our hearts and
lives, and then giving us the sweet assurance of peace with the Father. [Hebrews 7:2; 2 Corinthians 5:21]
Charles Spurgeon

285. Holy Spirit, help us to work out our own salvation in fear and trembling with the intensest efforts since
it is You who work in us both to will and to do of Thine own good pleasure. [Philippians 2:12-13] - The

286. We praise Thee, Thou Blessed Redeemer, for taking verses that have been familiar to us for years and
applying them to our hearts and lives with expanded and undreamed of fullness. [Luke 24:32] Charles Spurgeon

287. Father, may the holy glory of Divine communion with Thee, often break into our most commonplace
circumstances and color and transfigure them. [1 John 1:3-4] J,H, Jowett,

288. Sweet Holy Spirit, let us meditate and gaze and worship, until He, who is the outshining of Divine glory,
shines into our very hearts that we might reflect that Divine glory to others. [2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP); 4:6]
Joseph AlleineM

289. Lord, give us as much of Thy strength, as much of Thy love, as much of Thy righteousness, as much of
Thyself as it is possible for creatures in union with the Son of Thy love to possess. [Ephesians 3:19] Marcus

290. Lord Jesus, we praise Thee, that of all other places, the redeemed soul was especially created for a
shrine in which may shine forth Thy Divine glory. [2 Corinthians 4:6] George Burrowes

291. We praise Thee, Our Father, that man is a many faceted diamond to catch and reflect back the glory of
Thine only Son. [2 Corinthians 4:6] A.W. Tozer,

292. We praise Thee Our Father that Thy highest glory is the exhibition of forgiving and longCharles
Spurgeonuffering love. [1 John 4:8] Alexander MacLaren 

293. Thank You Lord Jesus, for condescending to the companionship of our grief that You might lift us up into
a share of Thy glory. [Hebrews 2:10] Alexander MacLaren 

294. We praise Thee Our Father, that You have an absolutely, unbelievable ability, in an economy of words, to
say an eternity of truth. [John 19:30] John MacArthur Jr.

295. Grant that we should rejoice and profit much from all the faithful leaders You send us, Lord. [1
Corinthians 3:22-23] John MacArthur Jr.

296. Father, our earnest prayer is that by Thy Holy Spirit, You would create in many of Thy people today, a
genuine hunger and thirst for the very best books among the vast variety that are available at this time. [2
Timothy 4:13] The Compiler

297. Father, may we sit more humbly and with diligent attention at the feet of the masters, those Pastor-
Teachers and others whom Thy Blessed Holy Spirit has hand picked for our incredible benefit. [Ephesians 4:11-
14] The Compiler

298. We are pleased Our Father, that You see fit to let the truth sift down to us through the prism of many
minds. [Ephesians 4:11-14] Walter Bowie

299. Father, as the communion of saints is in our Creed, so may we benefit by them in our lives! [Ephesians
3:17-19; 4:11-14] A,W, Tozer,W

300. Praise Thee, O Lord, for often surprising us with many manifestations of Thy love and goodness to us. The

301. Lord, open our eyes to see wonderful things in Thy Word. We are but pilgrims here on earth: how we need a
map and Your commands serve as our chart and guide. [Psalm 119:18-19 (TLB)] The Compiler

302. Reassure us sweet Holy Spirit, that Thy promises are truly for us! [Psalm 119:38 (TLB)] The Compiler

303. Holy Spirit, help us to immovably cling to the Lord Jesus, the immovable Rock of our salvation. [Psalm
95:1] The Compiler

304. We praise Thee our Father that Thy many promises all find their Yes answer in Him. For this reason we
also utter the Amen to Thee through Him, in hopes that You, Our Father, might receive much glory! [2
Corinthians 1:20 (AMP)] FB Meyer

305. Father, ever lift us above the selfish and cowardly dependence on externals and surroundings, men and
things, on which we are all tempted to live. [2 Corinthians 4:18] GC Morgan

306. Teach us O Lord, that the highest gifts of Thy grace and the greatest truths of Thy Word are meant to
regulate even the tiniest things in our daily lives. [Colossians 3:23-24] GC Morgan

307. Our Father, grant us a wholesome disregard of externals, and a hearty dependence upon Thee! [2
Corinthians 4:18] GC Morgan

308. Lord, help us to be like a tree, rooted deep, and therefore rising high in praise to Thee. [Ephesians
3:17] Alexander MacLaren 

309. Lord Jesus, abundantly supply us with recipient love, corresponding to the longing desire of Thy infinite
heart, to lavish Thy love upon us. [1 John 3:1; John 13:1] Alexander MacLaren 

310. Father, may our upward glance of aspiration and petition, and necessity, correspond to Thy downward
glance of Thy love bestowing itself upon us. [1 John 3:1; 2 Corinthians 4:18] Alexander MacLaren 

311. Thou Triune God, be Thou my will, my Emperor, my Commander, my All! Alexander MacLaren 

312. Father, may our lives be characterized by contemplating and reflecting Christ. [2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)]
Alexander MacLaren 

313. O Father, may our souls be like mirrors, which at once behold and reflect the glory of Christ. [2
Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)] Alexander MacLaren 

314. We praise Thee Lord Jesus, that You are the light that reveals itself to us by striking with quickening
impulse on the eye of our spirits when we behold Thee by faith. [2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)] Alexander MacLaren 

315. Father, help us to soberly realize, that we are only clear from the blood of men when we, for our parts,
make sure that if any light be hid, it is hid not by reason of obscurity or silence on our parts, but only by
reason of the blind eyes, before which the fall-orbed radiance gleams in vain. [2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)]
Alexander MacLaren 

316. By Thy Holy Spirit O Our Father, grant to us that gaze of love and trust that molds us by silent sympathy
into the likeness of His wondrous beauty. [2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)] Alexander MacLaren 

317. Sweet Holy Spirit, enable us to see to it that we neither turn away our gaze, nor relax our efforts till
all that we have beheld in Him is repeated in us! [2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)] Alexander MacLaren 

318. Loving Lord, teach us to learn that in order to get the highest good out of things that are seen, we must
bring into the field of vision things unseen and eternal. [2 Corinthians 4:18] Alexander MacLaren 

319. Lord, may we be among those who look out into the eternities and thus have the true measuring rod and
standard by which to estimate the true importance and necessity of the things that are present. [2 Corinthians
4:18] Alexander MacLaren 

320. Father, teach us that there is nothing that so lifts the commonplace into the solemn, and invests with
everlasting and tremendous importance everything we do here, as seeing all things in the light of eternity. [2
Corinthians 4:18] Alexander MacLaren 

321. Lord, help us to perform our duties each day with the light of the eternal world full upon them. [2
Corinthians 4:18] Alexander MacLaren 

322. Father, we know that to look at things unseen and eternal is only possible through Jesus Christ. We know
that He is the only window which opens out and gives the vision of that far-off land. [2 Corinthians 4:18]
Alexander MacLaren 

323. Sweet Holy Spirit, grant us that concentrated attention and steadfast look needed to make the invisible
visible! [2 Corinthians 4:18] Alexander MacLaren 

324. We praise Thee Thou Holy Spirit of God, that the very desires You create in us are themselves
confirmations of their own fulfillment. [2 Corinthians 5:5 (AMP)] Alexander MacLaren 

325. Our desires are the prophesies of His gifts. [Psalm 37:4] Alexander MacLaren 

326. Father, help us to please Him "who pleased not Himself.'' [Romans 15:3] Alexander MacLaren 

327. Holy Spirit, help us to be ever gazing with the believing eyes of our hearts upon that which kindles our
love to Him. [Hebrews 12:1] Alexander MacLaren 

328. We praise Thee Lord Jesus that Thy yoke is easy, not because it is lighter, but because it is padded with
love. [Matthew 11:30] Alexander MacLaren 

329. Lord Jesus, may the power of Thy echoed love rule our lives! [2 Corinthians 5:14] Alexander MacLaren 

330. O Thou tender, loving Creator, how can we even begin to comprehend Thy infinite longing for our love and
Thy infinite desire for unity between Thee and us? [Matthew 22:37; John 17:23-26] Charles Spurgeon?

331. O Lord Jesus, help us to contemplate often Thy tears of imploring love! [2 Corinthians 5:20; Matthew
23:37] Charles Spurgeon

332. Father, may we never be found shutting our ears against the tender, imploring love of Christ. [2
Corinthians 5:20] Charles Spurgeon

333. Oh, that these lips had language, or that these hearts could speak without them! Then would we plead with
every soul within this place, and plead as for our very lives, that you would receive the love Christ offers
you, and be reconciled to God! [2 Corinthians 5:20 (TLB)] Charles Spurgeon

334. Triune God, how can we begin to conceive Thy beseeching urgency and intensity of Divine desire to save
and manifest Thy love to Thy creatures? [2 Corinthians 5:20 (TLB)] The Compiler

335. Father, may our Christian liberality spring spontaneously from the conscious possession of Christ's
riches. [2 Corinthians 8:1-12] Charles Spurgeon

336. Father, teach us that when willingness to give is embodied in the largest gift possible, even trifles
have a place in Thy storehouse of precious things. [2 Corinthians 8:1-12; Mark 12:42-44] Charles Spurgeon

337. We praise Thee Lord Jesus, that self-impartation was the underlying theme of all Thy precious life from
Bethlehem to Calvary. [2 Corinthians 8:9] Charles Spurgeon

338. Lord Jesus, teach us that it is only as we abide in Thee, and Thy Words abide in us that You are able to
communicate Thy love to unworthy and transgressing recipients such as us. [John 15:7,11] Alexander MacLaren 

339. Blessed Redeemer, as You stooped to earth, veiling the Divine with the human, so may we rise to heaven,
clothing the human with the Divine. [2 Corinthians 8:9] Alexander MacLaren 

340. We praise Thee Lord Jesus for becoming like unto us, that each of us may become like unto Thee. [2
Corinthians 8:9] Charles Spurgeon

341. Blessed Savior, how we thank Thee that You shared our human poverty that we may share Thy Divine riches!
[2 Corinthians 8:9] Alexander MacLaren 

342. How we praise Thee Lord Jesus, that we can take Thee as the pattern of our conduct as well as the object
of our trust. [1 John 2:6] Alexander MacLaren 

343. Father, teach us that we too must learn to stoop to forgive, to impart ourselves, and must die by self-
surrender and sacrifice, if we are ever to communicate any life or good to others. [2 Corinthians 8:9]
Alexander MacLaren 

344. May the tree of our life's doings grow to Thy glory. [2 Corinthians 8:11] Alexander MacLaren 

345. Oh Lord, who can ever speak adequately and in full correspondence with reality regarding what it is to
have God's pardoning love flowing in upon our souls? [2 Corinthians 9:15] Alexander MacLaren 

346. Thou Unspeakable Gift, how we praise Thee that throughout eternity there will be endless growth in the
appropriation of Thee! [2 Corinthians 9:15] Alexander MacLaren 

347. Teach us Sweet Spirit that we will best appreciate the simplicity of the Gospel when we have most
honestly endeavored to fathom its depths. [2 Corinthians 9:15] Alexander MacLaren 

348. Lord Jesus, cause our love to Thee to be so ardent that our hearts will be kept clear from all competing
affections. [Luke 14:26] Charles Spurgeon

349. Grant us O Lord that single-mindedness that longs to obey Thee swiftly, cheerfully, and constantly!
[Matthew 22:37] Alexander MacLaren 

350. O Thou Blessed Master, we long to be characterized by unhesitating, unfaltering, unreserved, and
unreluctant obedience to Thy every wish. [Matthev, 22:37] W. Graham Scroggie - Charles Spurgeon

351. Praise Thee, Lord Jesus, that Your strength loves to work in our conscious weakness when it passes into
conscious dependence. [2 Corinthians 12:8-9] Alexander MacLaren 

352. Teach us Sweet Spirit that the secret of all noble, heroic, useful, happy living lies in the paradox,
"When I am weak, then am I strong!" [2 Corinthians 12:8-9] Alexander MacLaren 

353. Lord Jesus, we praise Thee that Thy cross is not only the ground of our hope, but the pattern of our
conduct. [Galatians 6:14] Alexander MacLaren 

354. O Thou Captain of our salvation, save us from corruption caused by selfish and inglorious ease.
[Ephesians 5:16] Alexander MacLaren 

355. Lord, we might as truly say, "Our Father, Thou art our heaven.'' [1 John 2:13] Charles Spurgeon

356. Come to me my Father; manifest Thyself to me, for I cannot live without Thee. [John 14:23] Charles

357. Thou Lover of the souls of men, ever keep our hearts aglow with gratitude to Thee! [1 Thessalonians 5:18]
Charles Spurgeon

358. Thy love O God is a shoreless ocean into which we may be baptized, and out of which we may be filled
until we overflow. [1 John 4:10] Alexander MacLaren 

359. Sweet Holy Spirit, because Jesus is our Beloved, how it assures out hearts that we are accepted in the
Beloved. [Ephesians 1:6] Charles Spurgeon

360. Father, by Thy Holy Spirit, enable us to feed much upon Christ via the Word, till we are enveloped by His
love and overflowing with His joy. [John 15:7.11] The Compiler

361. Lord, cause those sublime truths concerning things unseen and eternal to become more and more precious to
our hearts. [2 Corinthians 4:18] Charles Spurgeon?

362. Father, we would see Jesus more from Thy point of view, and thereby worship and please Thee more and
serve Thee better. [John 12:21] Charles Spurgeon?

363. Oh, Peace of God, rule Thou me. [Colossians 3:15] Charles Spurgeon

364. We praise Thee O Father that the bodily resurrection of Christ is the most indisputably established
historic fact in the annals of human existence! [Acts 1:3] E. Schuyler English

365. Blessed Spirit of the Living God, let nothing and no one ever shake the faith of Thy people in the
glorious resurrection of Christ! [Acts 1:3] Charles Spurgeon

366. We praise Thee Lord that though we are as the moon, shining by reflected light, yet Jesus loves the
moonlight of our love and rejoices in it. [John 17:26] Charles Spurgeon

367. Let us shine on Christ with all the light we can possibly reflect of the Father's love. [John 17:26]
Charles Spurgeon

368. Oh Blessed Holy Spirit, teach us all we are able to learn of the Father's love to His Son, or else we
will not love the Father as we should for the amazing sacrifice which He made in giving Jesus to us. [John
17:26] Charles Spurgeon

369. Oh wondrous thought Our Father, that Thine own love to Jesus should dwell in our hearts! [John 17:26]
Charles Spurgeon

370. Spirit of Holiness, may the flame of love within our hearts be continually revived by the fuel of holy
knowledge which You place upon it via Thy infallible Word of Truth! [John 17:17] Charles Spurgeon

371. Father, grant that each and every one of Thy Children might be by love compelled to praise Thee endlessly
for such a prayer as this! A prayer so living, so earnest, so loving, so Divine, deserves the most diligent
study and meditation by all believers. Grant that it may be so Lord! [John 17] Charles Spurgeon

372. Thou Blessed Spirit of God, cause us as Thy people to be wonderfully self forgetful as we become more and
more enraptured by the beauty and glory of Christ! [John 17:5,24] The Compiler

373. Triune God, instill in Thy people a deeper sense of wonder and awe, adoration and worship, as we more
keenly perceive Thy presence among us. [2 Corinthians 13:14] Charles Spurgeon?

374. Oh God, our supreme desire is that Thy will be done not only in our lives but in Thy entire universe!
[Matthew 6:10] The Compiler

375. Father, marvelously multiply our gratitude to Thee as we ponder with incomprehensible joy that we have
been chosen in eternity to be Thine own. [Ephesians 1:4] D,M, LloydJ,H, Jowett,ones,

376. O Father, because we have been saved in eternity, cause us to persevere with great intensity and zeal for
the advancement of Thy Kingdom. [Ephesians 1:4; Matthew 6:10] D,M, LloydJ,H, Jowett,ones,

377. Grant to us a restful realization of Thy gracious and almighty presence, Thou Eternal God. [Hebrews 11:6]
J,H, Jowett,

378. Father, we praise Thee for the Spirit-filled utterances of Thy communion of saints. How thankful we are
that we are permitted to share in the fruits of their painful toil! [Ephesians 3:17-19] J,H, Jowett,

379. We praise Thee our Father for the hope You give to us that the dark night-birds of the human heart shall
one day give place to the birds of the morning, the sweet singers of the brighter day. [Romans 15:13] J,H,

380. How grateful we are O Lord that the drought of our ingratitude does not wither the green leaf of Thy
sympathy and many undeserved kindnesses to us. [1 Thessalonians 5:16-18] J,H, Jowett,

381. Great God, make our seasons of darkness to be opportunities for the unveiling of the Divine Presence.
[Ezekiel 24:18] J,H, Jowett,

382. Lord, we praise Thee for Thy sweet grace amid all the sudden and saddening upheavals of our intensely
varied life. [Ezekiel 24:18] J,H, Jowett,

383. Blessed Master, grant to us a sound mind which delights in and passionately enjoys things that are pure.
[Philippians 4:8] J,H, Jowett,

384. Father, help us to be like Jesus, neither frightened by the stones of the world, nor allured by its
crowns. [2 Timothy 1:7] J,H, Jowett,

385. O God, cause our affections to become more and more sensitive, responsive, and vibrant to the griefs of
others. [John 11:35] J,H, Jowett,

386. We are grateful Lord that Thy Word teaches us that true seekers shall be finders, and shall come into the
satisfying presence of the unveiled glory. [Jeremiah 29:13] J,H, Jowett,

387. We praise Thee, Lord, that contemplation brings transformation. [John 17:24; 2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)]
J,H, Jowett,

388. Cause us, Lord, to gaze much upon Christ's glory and thus be utterly unconscious of ourselves. May we
lose ourselves in Thee O God! [John 17:24; 2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)] J,H, Jowett,

389. Holy Spirit, teach us that if we are to enter into the joy of the Lord, we too must become people of
sorrows and acquainted with grief. [Isaiah 53:3: John 15:11] AW Pink Charles Spurgeon

390. Teach us O Lord that our mind can become a nest of petty purposes, when it was intended to be the
glorious tabernacle of the eternal God. [2 Corinthians 10:5] J,H, Jowett,

391. Lord, grant us to have a mind with large outlooks, which gazes upon big possibilities, and by the
wideness of its gaze, sets things in their true perspective, and thus delivers us from the preoccupation with
the trivialities of the passing day. [Hebrews 12:1-2] J,H, Jowett,

392. Teach us, Lord, that our eating has a direct relation to the quality of our spiritual organism, and to be
negligent about the one is to seriously impair and imperil the other. [1 Corinthians 10:31] J,H, Jowett,

393. Lord, we know by sad experience that the flesh can be a heavy rider restraining the soul from its
flights. [1 Corinthians 10:31] J,H, Jowett,

394. Father, we praise Thee that at times You put resplendent treasures into commonplace earthen vessels in
order that we may not think more of the vessel than we do of the treasure it contains. [2 Corinthians 4:7]
J,H, Jowett,

395. Most Holy God, unveil Thy love to us, so that in its clear shining we may behold the sin in our
rebellion, and may turn unto Thee in humility and fervent devotion. [John 17:23] J,H, Jowett,

396. Lord, impart to us the grace of simplicity. May our worship be perfectly candid and sincere. [2
Corinthians 3:18] J,H, Jowett,

397. Father, quicken our perception that we may realize the Presence and feel the awe of the unseen. [2
Corinthians 4:18] J,H, Jowett,

398. Teach us O Lord that praise is an invincible armor that we sing our way to the triumph we seek! [Psalm
150] J,H, Jowett,

399. We thank Thee Father for giving us the secret of conquest! "We are more than conquerors through Christ
that loved us." It is conquest through the energy of an imparted love. Nay, it is much more than that. It is
conquest through humble yet intimate communion with the Eternal Lover. [Romans 8:37] J,H, Jowett,

400. Mercifully meet with those who have been stunned with sorrow. J,H, Jowett,

401. Remember all who are in grave perplexity, and graciously light Thy lamp on their bewildered way. J,H,

402. Receive all little ones into the circle of Thy blessing. J,H, Jowett,

403. Lead us into new fields of our wonderful inheritance in Christ. J,H, Jowett,

404. May some revelations of Thy love break upon our astonished vision. J,H, Jowett,

405. Help us to remember what we ought not to forget, and to forget what we ought not to remember. J,H,

406. Let the beams of heavenly light chase out all the darkness of error. J,H, Jowett,

407. May the circles of our compassion grow larger every day. J,H, Jowett,

408. Let the ends of the earth be at our own doors, and so may we hear the distant cry. J,H, Jowett,

409. Make us missionaries of Thy truth and ambassadors of Thy grace and love. J,H, Jowett,

410. May we be quick to discern opportunity, and ready to use it in the service of our King. J,H, Jowett,

411. Help us to discern Thy footprints in the ordinary road. J,H, Jowett,

412. May the good desires within us be so strengthened as to destroy every desire that is vain. J,H, Jowett,

413. Make us mighty in consecration that we might be gracious in consolation. J,H, Jowett,

414. Help us to see Thy name on blessings that we never before recognized. J,H, Jowett,

415. Make us praiseful where we have been indifferent. J,H, Jowett,

416. Redeem us from our spiritual sloth. J,H, Jowett,

417. Eternal God, purify our souls and make our eyes keen and watchful in order that we may discern Thy
purpose at every turning of the way. J,H, Jowett,

418. May His Gospel of grace become more exceedingly precious as we gaze into its unsearchable wealth. J,H,

419. Let in the light as our eyes are able to bear it. J,H, Jowett,

420. Increase our faith that we may be led into the deeper secrets of Thy truth. J,H, Jowett,

421. Wilt Thou graciously grant unto us new possibilities of service? J,H, Jowett,

422. May we light lamps on many a dark road. J,H, Jowett,

423. May we give cups of refreshment to those who are thirsty. J,H, Jowett,

424. May our own faith and hope restore the flickering light where courage is nearly spent. J,H, Jowett,

425. Let us abide in quiet repose under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit. J,H, Jowett,

426. Inspire afresh in us Kindly Spirit, the ardor of enthusiasm that Thou alone can create. J,H, Jowett,

427. Thou Ever-Present Guide, bring us back into the clear path of Thy choosing. J,H, Jowett,

428. Rekindle the fire of our affections, purify the light of our conscience. J,H, Jowett,

429. Broaden our compassions and make them more delicate in their discernments. J,H, Jowett,

430. Impart unto us the saving sense of Thy companionship. J,H, Jowett,

431. Almighty God, Our Father, may Thy presence ever give us companionship Divine. J,H, Jowett,

432. Holy Father, unveil to us our poverty so that we may seek Thy wealth. J,H, Jowett,

433. May we drink deeply at the waters of promise and thus find refreshment and strength in immediate duty.
J,H, Jowett,

434. Help us to gather up the needs of others in common intercession. J,H, Jowett,

435. Quicken our imaginations in order that we may enter more deeply into the sorrows of Thy children in every
land. J,H, Jowett,

436. Steady our faith in these days of bewilderment. J,H, Jowett,

437. In all the confusion of our day and age, may we never lose sight of Thy throne. J,H, Jowett,

438. Let Thy Holy Spirit brood over us, quickening all that is full of promise, and destroying all that
hinders our fellowship with Thee. J,H, Jowett,

439. Eternal God, if we have been called upon to walk a weary road of unfamiliar sorrow, may we turn to Thee
as to refreshing springs. J,H, Jowett,

440. If we have missed a gracious opportunity, be Thou pleased to give us another chance. J,H, Jowett,

441. May we feel the burden of the burdened and weep with them that weep. J,H, Jowett,

442. We praise Thee Our Father, that many interpreting minds act like the solar spectrum and help to display
the wealthy contents in the pure white light of Gospel truth. [Ephesians 4:11-12] J,H, Jowett,

443. Lord, may we reverently bear one another's burdens and carry them in the arms of intercession. J,H,

444. We beseech Thee to grant us O Lord Jesus, glimpses of Thy glory in so far as our spiritual eyes are able
to bear them. [John 1:14] J,H, Jowett,

445. Lord, surprise us continually with new discoveries among the mysteries of Thy Truth. [John 17:17] J,H,

446. Look with pity, O Lord, upon this world in this hour of desolation and woe! J,H, Jowett,

447. Enlarge our hearts to comprehend the multitude of sorrows, and may we share the sufferings of our Lord in
sacrificial labors. [Philippians 3:10] J,H, Jowett,

448. Lord, grant us characters of regal serenity, transparent and reflecting the very image of Thee Lord. [2
Corinthians 3:18 (NIV)] J,H, Jowett,

449. Father, purify our hearts by the permeating heat of affectional enthusiasm and devotion. [Matthew 5:8]
J,H, Jowett,

450. Lord, won't You grant to us Holy Spirit-inspired fervent enthusiasm that we might spend it for the cause
of Thy Kingdom? [Revelation 3:19] J,H, Jowett,

451. Thou Gentle Flame, give to us Thine own fire that we might be endowed with the power of magnificent
initiative. [Ephesians 5:18] J,H, Jowett,

452. Fashion us Lord Jesus into the strength and beauty of Thine own image. [2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)] J,H,

453. Lord, grant that Thy people might face their difficulties with such splendor of character that their very
antagonisms become the dark background on which Thy glory can be more manifestly revealed. [2 Timothy 2:3] FB

454. Sweet Holy Spirit, help us to realize that our prayers, obscure and nameless though we are, can give
utterance to a Paul, when Thou art controlling our lives! [Romans 8:26] J,H, Jowett,

455. Lord Jesus, how wondrous is the thought, that to each of us is entrusted the marvelous ministry of
helping others to receive the energies of Divine grace, as we pray for and encourage one another daily.
[Hebrews 3:13; Romans 8:26] J,H, Jowett,

456. We praise Thee, Our Father, that prayer opens our lives to the workings of infinite grace. [Romans 8:26]
J,H, Jowett,

457. What an awesome and wonder-filled thought Our Father, that through faith in the Lord Jesus, believers

are made everything He is and given everything He has. [John 17:20-23] John MacArthur Jr.

458. Thou Living Word, enable us to ponder deeply that in Thy precious Word, made alive and precious to our
hearts, by Thy Holy Spirit, there is a whole ocean of boundless grace and truth rolling shoreless there before
us. [Psalm 119] Alexander MacLaren 

459. We praise Thee Our Father that Thy grace lights the dark horizon with the victory of the ultimate glory.
GC Morgan

460. How thankful we are, O Lord, that our critical need unveils Thy grace. [Philippians 4:19] J,H, Jowett,

461. Father, how we desperately and constantly need a sound sense of Thy love to us in Christ. [John 17:23]
Thomas Manton

462. Lord Jesus, how we praise Thee that Thy grace does not just measure up to our sin, but it rises above it
in overmastering grandeur. [Romans 5:20] J,H, Jowett,

463. Almighty Father, how we thank Thee that when our souls catch a glimpse of the riches of His grace, the
wonderful vision moves us to inevitable and immediate praise. [Ephesians 1:7] J,H, Jowett,

464. We praise Thee Lord Jesus that Angel's food can be found on fields of apparent disaster. J,H, Jowett,

465. Father, may the unsearchable riches of Christ fit themselves into every possible condition of human
poverty and need. [Ephesians 1:7-8] J,H, Jowett,

466. Thou Invincible Triune God, how we praise Thee that Thy grace is Thy sovereign will and power coming to
expression for the deliverance of Thine elect from the servitude of sin. [Ephesians 2:10] John Murray

467. How thankful we are Our Father, that grace is Thy grand, glorious, good will distributing its gifts to
those who are enslaved and winter-bound. [Ephesians 2:1,8] GC Morgan

468. Grant us O Lord an abundant supply of exhilarating gratitude which springs from sacred joy. [Jeremiah
15:16] J,H, Jowett,

469. Holy Spirit, lead us into the secret places of the Most High, that we might behold the marvelous
unveilings of infinite love. [Psalm 91:1] J,H, Jowett,

470. Lord Jesus, we desire often to go to Calvary, Thy academy of love, and reverently contemplate the
unveilings of Thy redemptive grace. J,H, Jowett,

471. Teach us, Spirit of God, that love and reverence are not the uncertain products of chance, but the sure
and stately product of thought of steady pondering Thy precious Word. [Psalm 39:3] J,H, Jowett,

472. We praise Thee Lord that in the fervent atmosphere of sacrifice buried seeds of possibilities awake into
life. J,H, Jowett,

473. Grant us Lord Jesus the grace to retain the heart of a little child that we might weep with them that

and be broken-hearted when people reject Thee. May it be Lord that in these ways, in our own small way, that
we might enter into "the fellowship of Thy sufferings." [Philippians 3:10; Romans 12:15] Joseph Alleine

474. Lord Jesus, may Thy resurrection power flow into our dormant affections and place into our hearts
something akin to the tender sympathies and exquisite graces of Thine own heart. [Philippians 3:10; Romans
12:15] J,H, Jowett,

475. We praise Thee Lord that though truth at times seems to be a frail and fragile creature and all but
buried, she shall one day reappear in invincible majesty and shall incontestably dominate and command the
affairs of men. [John 14:6; 17:17] J,H, Jowett,

476. Teach us Lord that life only becomes fruitful when it becomes sacrificial. [Philippians 3:10] J,H,

477. O Lord, may Thy people be characterized by sacrificial fervor and thus multiply themselves throughout the
race. J,H, Jowett,

478. Teach us Lord that the measure of the impressiveness of even a poem, is just the measure of the sacrifice
of which it is the shrine. [Philippians 3:10] J,H, Jowett,

479. Holy Spirit, may we learn at the feet of Jesus that our most cheerful, sacrificial giving will result in
our most joyful, abundant receiving. [Acts 20:35] J,H, Jowett,

480. Lord, teach us to look at difficulties as promises in the guise of tasks. J,H, Jowett,

481. Praise Thee Lord, that John Bunyan is still fertilizing the field of common life with energies of rich
inspiration. [Ephesians 4:11-12] J,H, Jowett,

482. We praise Thee, Loving Father, that affliction introduces us to sweet juices and sustaining manna. [Psalm
119:70-71] J,H, Jowett,

483. Father, by Thy Holy Spirit, we desire to offer unspeakable praise for Jesus, Thy unspeakable gift!
[Romans 8:26; 2 Corinthians 9:15] The Compiler

484. Lord Jesus, our longing desire is to praise Thee unspeakably for Thy unspeakable gift of Thy Holy Spirit
to Thine own! [John 17:22] The Compiler

485. Father, how we praise Thee for manifesting Thy glory in milder radiance, in the face of Jesus. [2
Corinthians 4:6] Charles Spurgeon

486. Holy Father, our hearts overflow with thanksgiving and praise that You keep through Thine own name all
those You have given to Christ. [John 17:11] The Compiler

487. O Lord Jesus, when will we learn that Thy Holy Spirit cannot bless compromise! Charles Spurgeon

488. We praise Thee Our Father, that, having received Christ, even a new, untaught believer will have in his
new nature, a spiritual orientation bringing a desire for submission to Thy Word and Thy Holy Spirit. John
MacArthur Jr.

489. Tender Spirit, dwell with me, I myself would tender be. J,H, Jowett,

490. Lord, grant to Thy people great hope that feeds the will, vivifies it and makes it steadfast and
immovable. [Romans 15:13; 1 Corinthians 15:58] J,H, Jowett,

491. Lord, may our eyes be filled with the light of the heavenly vision even when we perform our earthly
tasks. [Colossians 3:2] J,H, Jowett,

492. Teach us Holy Spirit that walking with the Holy One, our elevation is our safety. [1 John 1:7] J,H,

493. We praise Thee O Lord, that truth, like its Maker, challenges our wonder the more we contemplate it. A,W,

494. Lord, how it thrills our hearts to find that the wonder of Christ is the wonder that does not vanish when
it knows, but grows and deepens with everything it knows. [John 17:3; Romans 11:33] GH Morrison

495. Lord, we long to be diligent doers and not merely casual hearers of Thy infallible Word! [James 1:22] The

496. Lord, how we praise Thee that light floods into the dark cellar of doubt through the window of Thy
precious Word! [1 Peter 1:23] Charles Spurgeon

497. Teach us Thou Spirit of God that when we are all aglow with love to Jesus we find little need for
amusement. [Ephesians 5:16; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18] Charles Spurgeon

498. Grant us Lord a church of outJoseph Alleinend-out believers, impervious to soul-destroying doubt.
[Hebrews 11:6] Charles Spurgeon

499. Teach us O Lord that we are only blessed that others we might bless! [Hebrews 3:13; 10:24] Joseph Parker

500. Perfect us in our intense desire and love for holiness and gradually complete its fulfillment. Joseph

501. Thy love to us O Lord is our continual astonishment! May our reply to Thy love be a glad consent. Joseph

502. Help us ever to read time in the light of eternity. Joseph Parker

503. May we see things on earth through the light of heaven. Joseph Parker

504. Lord, help our unbelief, transform it into triumphant faith. [Mark 9:24] Joseph Parker

505. To my heart daily be pleased to whisper Thy words of love. Joseph Parker

506. Thy Word is old as Thine own eternity, new as our present need. Joseph Parker

507. O Lord Jesus, Thou art the only answer to our sin, the only consolation of our sorrow. Joseph Parker

508. We bless Thee for every assurance of the existence of Thy throne. Joseph Parker

509. Enable us to hear all good voices and answer them gladly and gratefully. Joseph Parker

510. Lord hear us and astonish us with great replies! Joseph Parker

511. O Lord, Thy love to us is marvelous beyond all imagining. We will need the cloudless light of eternity to
read the entirety of its beneficent purpose. Joseph Parker

512. Praise Thee Lord Jesus for washing our lowly prayers and unworthy service and imparting to them royal
value. Joseph Parker

513. Lord Jesus, cleanse all that we say and do that it may carry with it something of the atmosphere and
grandeur of eternity. Joseph Parker

514. Lord, whisper some gentle word which shall cause singing in our hearts when no other voice can reach our
weariness or heal our woe. Joseph Parker

515. Lord, help us to sense a more delightful and vital fellowship with Thyself. Joseph Parker

516. Father, ever create in us an irrepressible and holy desire for Thee. Joseph Parker

517. Help us to fix our wandering vision upon the abiding realities. Joseph Parker

518. Praise Thee Lord that though our sight leads us to despair, through our faith Thou dost send us gospels
pure as dew, radiant as light, glad as music. Joseph Parker

519. Lord, save us from thoughtlessness. Help us to study one another with the anxiety of love. [Hebrews
10:24] Joseph Parker

520. We bless Thee for a gospel so many sided. It is like a thousand doors opening upon the heart of God.
Joseph Parker

521. Undertake for us when our strength is gone and our sorrow is intolerable. Joseph Parker

522. Lord, often grant to us a blessed consciousness of Thy Divine nearness.Joseph Parker

523. May we rest our little griefs upon the infinite sorrow of the Son of God. Joseph Parker

524. Lord, grant that we might become so saturated with Thy Word that it shall become to us safety and
protection invincible in every circumstance of life. [Colossians 3:16; Ephesians 6:17] Joseph Parker

525. Lord Jesus, help us to ascend to Thee, our High Rock, that we might catch the light and inspiration of
heaven. Joseph Parker

526. O Lord, increase our gratitude. May the rain of Thy love not be lost in the desert of our insensibility.
Joseph Parker

527. May the strength we derive from Thee Sweet Holy Spirit be expended in self sacrificial,
heroic imitation of the dying, rising, glorious Son of God. Joseph Parker

528. Lord Jesus, may the royalty of Thy strength and grace rule our hearts with a sweet and welcome
compulsion. Joseph Parker

529. O God, when the pulpit is wrong, how can the pew be right? Joseph Parker

530. Father, grant us faith unshakable, that behind all the mystery of providence lies Thy purposes of love
vast as infinity. Joseph Parker

531. Father, cause our daily lives to be characterized by a more wakeful vigilance! Joseph Parker

532. May we hide ourselves in the sanctuary of Thy love. Joseph Parker

533. Lord Jesus, how we long to be with Thee where You are, where no hour of the endless duration shall be
unblessed by the hallowed excitement occasioned by increasing intelligence and deepening love for Thee. [John
17:24] Joseph Parker

534. Father, we praise Thee for Jesus, the seal of Thy grace, the gift of Thy love. [2 Corinthians 9:15]
Joseph Parker

535. Help us Sweet Holy Spirit to receive that bit of sunlight You would be pleased to grant us, that we might
throw it back in generous reflection upon those who most need its help. Joseph Parker

536. Lord, pour psalms and hymns and spiritual songs into our hearts and graciously hear us when we sing them
to Thee. Joseph Parker

537. Lord Jesus, be born in the Bethlehem of our spirits. Joseph Parker

538. Direct us in all perplexity by Thine unslumbering eye. [Psalm 32:8] Joseph Parker

539. May our whole life be tuned to the music of Thy Will. Joseph Parker

540. Thou Triune God, by showing us Thyself, make the universe look small and make our life a throb of Thine
own eternity. Joseph Parker

541. Lord, unsettle the foundations of every iniquitous throne. Joseph Parker

542. May we set our affections upon things above, and by a mightier gravitation than that of earth be drawn
towards the throne that is established forever. Joseph Parker

543. We praise Thee Our Father for the sweet name of Jesus Crucified once, crowned for evermore!
Joseph Parker

544. Lord, cause our souls to seek Thee, find Thee and hold long and sweet communion with Thee in all the
speechlessness of enraptured love. [1 John 1:3-4] Joseph Parker

545. Almighty Father, tenderly make the bed of affliction, soften the pillow of pain. Often refresh us
exceedingly upon our earthly pilgrimage. Joseph Parker

546. At Thy good pleasure Lord, let Thy Word flame like the sun, descend like the dew, or breathe into our
hearts as the still small voice. Joseph Parker

547. Fill us with Thy sweet spirit of redeeming pity. We praise Thee Lord that where the background is
blackest, every beam of Thy light shines with new and meaningful, dazzling brilliance. Joseph Parker

548. Just as the hen broods on her egg till life comes forth, so may we patiently ponder Thy Word till it
becomes wonderfully alive and precious, bringing intense joy to our minds and hearts. [Psalm 39:3; Colossians
3:16] The Compiler

549. Whether our days be many or few, may they be bright with Thy presence. Joseph Parker

550. We muse upon the Son of God in Holy wonder; and as we muse the fire burns, and by its glow we know He is
near Who is the light of heaven. [Psalm 39:3: Colossians 3:16] Joseph Parker

551. Remain with us Lord Jesus, yea, tarry with us lingeringly; and in that lingering we shall see Thy pledge
of eternal fellowship. [1 John 1:3-4] Joseph Parker

552. Tender, loving Father, ever provide that wondrous balance; give us comfort in all sorrow, and chastening
in highest ecstasy. Joseph Parker

553. Lord Jesus, we long to behold the light of that glad day when all Thine enemies are made Thy footstool.
Joseph Parker

554. O Righteous Father, grant to each of Thy children a sweeter consent to Thy Holy Will! Joseph Parker

555. Holy Father, enable us to see with greater clarity, that in Christ the highest solemnity is consistent
with the purest joy. [John 17:13] Joseph Parker

556. Lord, may our heart be a hand, infinite in its ability to grasp the holy treasure received from Thy all-
powerful hand of love. Joseph Parker

557. God of Love, create in us an agony of desire and grace to receive all the fullness of Thyself with which
You would have us to be filled, according to Thy Divine timetable. [Ephesians 3:14-21] Joseph Parker

558. May we know that we are called to breathe the fresh air that comes from the hills of heaven. Joseph

559. Show us that every loss is but an aspect of some great gain. Joseph Parker

560. Father, by Thy Holy Spirit, open our eyes that we may behold wondrous things in the Son of Thy love!
Joseph Parker

561. Lord, help us to hate sin with infinite and unquenchable hatred! Joseph Parker

562. O Son of Righteousness, help us to shed forth in holy reflection, Thine own brightness. [2 Corinthians
3:18 (NIV)] Joseph Parker

563. Lord, forbid that our knowledge of Thy precious truths should exceed our longing desire to impart them to
others. Joseph Parker

564. O Thou Tender, Loving Creator, wilt Thou not provide for Thine own creatures, for that helpless,
hopeless, starving multitude not only food for their famished bodies, but the Bread of Life for their immortal
souls. The Compiler

565. Throw before our wondering vision the things that are not seen and eternal, and fill us with a holy
desire to be for ever with Thee. [John 17:24; 2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)] Joseph Parker

566. Lord Jesus, we know that Thou art there by the flooding love which overflows our being. [John 14:21]
Joseph Parker

567. Lord, wean us from the fascinations of time and sense. [2 Corinthians 4:18] Joseph Parker

568. Lord Jesus, come to us with answers larger than our prayers, and with revelations that shall astound our
vision by their beauty and magnificence. Joseph Parker

569. Soothe grief too sensitive to be approached by the kindest human love. Joseph Parker

570. When the night is long, teach us to charm away all its darkness by continual songs of hope. [Romans
15:13] Joseph Parker

571. Father, Thy words to us are like music to our hearts because they come to us tender with the
tremulousness of Thine own love. Joseph Parker

572. Almighty Father, in Thy giving we saw Thy whole heart all the love of Thine eternity, and all the grace
of Thine infinitude. [John 3:16] Joseph Parker

573. Send light upon lives that have slipped down into caverns of great darkness. [John 8:12] Joseph Parker

574. May our whole life rise up to Thee like a temple towards the heavens, complete and beautiful and resonant
with Thy praise. Joseph Parker

575. Great Triune God, let the helplessness of the weak be the reason of Thy coming to them in the
almightiness of Thy grace. Joseph Parker

576. Sovereign of the universe, our longing desire is to enter into the innermost place of Thy dwelling, there
to behold such of Thy glory as our vision can endure. [Psalm 91:1; John 17:24; 2 Corinthians 3:18 (AMP)]
Joseph Parker

577. Our desire is to love Thee more understandingly! Joseph Parker

578. Enter into every one of our houses, not as a glance of light, but as an abiding glory. Joseph Parker

579. Lord, enable us to find the bridge of Thine own building over every difficult river. Joseph Parker

580. Father, may we be in spiritual vision as quick to discern Thy Divine Presence as we are to see the
disadvantages of life. Joseph Parker

581. O Our Father, we confess that our faith needs constant strengthening. The more we believe, the more we
also want to cry out with the father of the boy with the unclean spirit, "I do believe; help my unbelief."
[Luke 17:5; Mark 9:24] John MacArthur Jr.

582. We praise Thee Lord that the cemeteries of Thy people become, through the heavenly dew, the resurrection
fields of the promised perfection. [1 Corinthians 15:49] John MacArthur Jr.

583. O Lord Jesus, since You were despised and rejected of men, may we not seek to be highly esteemed and
respected of them. [Isaiah 53:3] AW Pink

584. O Thou Savior and Lord, we praise Thee for saving us from the slavery of sin, that we might be
wholeheartedly, though very imperfectly, obedient to Thee out of very gratitude and love to Thee, our God and
Master, our All in All! [Romans 6:17] The Compiler

585. O Lord Jesus, we grieve when men reject Thee; we suffer when Thy people fail to respond to the pleadings
of Thy very own Word to strive to be like Thee (1 Jn. 2:6), to quote Scripture in temptation (Mt. 4:4; Eph.
6:17); and to let Thy Word dwell in them richly (Col. 3:16) so that out of the abundance of their heart their
mouth would indeed speak (Mt. 12:34)! O Lord, could this be fellowship with Thy sufferings (Phil. 3:10)? [1
John 2:6; Matthew 4:4; 12:34; Ephesians 6:17; Colossians 3:16; Philippians 3:10; Hebrews 3:13; 10:24] The

586. O Father, grant to us as Thine own a sweet reasonableness and Holy Spirit sensitivity that we might, out
of very love to Thee, fervently pray for one another, and, in pleading love, seek to spur one another on to
our very best for the cause of Christ and the upbuilding of Thy Kingdom. [Philippians 4:5; Hebrews 3:13;
10:24; James 5:16] The Compiler

587. 0 Lord Jesus, repeatedly press us into Thy precious Gospel mold that Thy image might more clearly be
stamped upon us. [Romans 6:17 (NAS)] The Compiler

588. Father, may we in very deed be among those who rejoice evermore, and pray earnestly without ceasing! [1
Thessalonians 5:16-17; James 5:16] The Compiler

The End.

Prayer to Receive Christ
"Lord Jesus, as best I know how, I am coming to You, admitting that I am a lost sinner, and asking You to come
into my life and save me and change me, and make me the kind of person You want me to be.

"Give me the grace (or ability) to trust You and You alone, Lord Jesus, for this salvation and the change You
bring. In Your name I pray. Lord Jesus, Amen."

Breath-Heartbeat Prayer

(To Receive Christ) 2

"Lord Jesus, if there is any chance that I am not now saved, let every breath that I breathe, and every
heartbeat that my heart beats, call upon You, asking You to come into my life and save me and change me, and
make me the kind of person You want me to be. Give me the grace (or ability) to trust You and You alone, Lord
Jesus, from this moment on, for this salvation and the change You bring. In Your name I pray. Lord Jesus,


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