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Priceless Legacies of Prayer
Prayers & Paraphrased Prayers 
of Charles Spurgeon, Scripture & Others

Another Song of Christ's Love 


I'm guilty of shameless persistent pleading that's what importunity means How I love to hear my brother sing of Christ the King of Kings He brings such joy to this heart of mine singing of Jesus so fine With passion far beyond his years it often brings these eyes of mine to adoring tears

I plead with all God's people to make more time for Jesus Abide in Him as His words abide in you as He fills you with His very own joy How He longs to manifest His love each and every day That's why I plead with all my heart that you let Him have His way with you

May we truly give diligence to make our calling and election sure To have an abundant entrance into that Kingdom so wondrous and pure May we meditate on His precious word morning noon and night That we may live victorously and put our evil enemy to flight

I pray you have a growing passion to bring great joy to His heart As you overflow Jesus' very own love to a world so lost and dark May we all behold His glory more via His precious word 

*The story of His dying love The sweetest story ever heard 


Luke 11:8; Jn 15:7,11; 14:21; 2 Peter 1:10, 11; Ps 1:2; Jn 17:24 ; 2 Cor 3:18 Col 3:16 

Anthony J. Ruspantini has specialized in the study of the works of Spurgeon as well as modern preachers. He has been collecting and cataloging quotations for over 25 years.