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Priceless Legacies of Prayer
Prayers & Paraphrased Prayers 
of Charles Spurgeon, Scripture & Others

A Brief Testimony


The first verses I memorized and retained and started praying aloud at times (even before praying to receive Christ in August of 1969) were Eph.3:17, 20. Still praying aloud daily for all of God's people, Eph. 3:14 - 21 and have been for years.

Approx. mid 70's started praying aloud daily Rom. 6:11 at Dr. D. James Kennedy's recommendation (see first para. of Appendix B on page 81). A year or so later added Col. 2:15.

In 1998, after reading 1800 pages (3 Biographies on Dr.D.M. Lloyd-Jones*), I was thrilled to find that he pleaded with fellow christians to start out every morning praying scripture aloud starting with Rom. 6:11, then Col. 2:15 , followed by any other verses the Holy Spirit brought to mind. Dr. Lloyd-Jones said that he pleaded with fellow christians, as a failure at it himself, but he strove to do it better! THAT IS MY TESTIMONY EXACTLY--- ESPECIALLY THE FAILURE PART!!

Have been praying aloud daily, more than once at times, the 2nd para. of Appendix B, often right to the end of Apx. B for about 25 years. Would rather die than discontinue this practice! It helps clarify the mind, and only the Lord knows how desperately I need this, and perhaps others do too! (Please see 2 Cor. 10:5)

Have talked with several christians, including some Pastors, who have prayed a similar prayer daily---one Pastor for 12 years! WOULD RATHER BE USED OF THE LORD TO IMPACT 5 PEOPLE RE: PRAYING THE 2nd PARA. OF APPENDIX B ALOUD DAILY THAN SIMPLY DISTRIBUTE 10,000 OF THESE LITTLE BOOKS!!! * Called by many THE SPURGEON OF THE 20th CENTURY!