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Priceless Legacies of Prayer
Prayers & Paraphrased Prayers of Charles Spurgeon, Scripture & Others
Forward by John F. MacArthur, Jr.
Edited by Anthony J. Ruspantini


Priceless Legacies of Prayer

Prayers and Paraphrased Prayers of Charles Spurgeon, Scirpture and Others

Forward By John F. MacArthur, Jr.

Edited by Anthony J. Ruspantini

Compiler's Recommendation

Finding Comfort & Hope

Here are 11 short Prayeraphrases ...

Mercifully meet with those who have been stunned with sorrow.

Remember all who are in grave perplexity, and graciously light Thy lamp on their bewildered way.

Let the beams of heavenly light chase out all the darkness of error.

May the circles of our compassion grow larger every day.

Let the ends of the earth be at our own doors, and so may we hear the distant cry.

Make us missionaries of Thy truth and ambassadors of Thy grace and love.

Quicken our imaginations in order that we may enter more deeply into the sorrows of Thy children in every land.

Steady our faith in these days of bewilderment.

Enlarge our hearts to comprehend the multitude of sorrows, and may we share the sufferings of our Lord in sacrificial labors. [Philippians 3:10]

Undertake for us when our strength is gone and our sorrow is intolerable.

Eternal God, if we have been called upon to walk a weary road of unfamiliar sorrow, may we turn to Thee as to refreshing springs.

Prayeraphrase Numbers: 389, 400, 401, 402, 406, 407, 408, 409, 435, 439, 447, 521, 436

Prayeraphrase #586 

This Prayeraphrase is probably the closest expression of the editor/compiler's heart. It has been a blessing to many.

O Father, grant to us as Thine own a sweet reasonableness and Holy Spirit sensitivity that we might, out of very love to Thee, fervently pray for one another, and, in pleading love, seek to spur one another on to our very best for the cause of Christ and the upbuilding of Thy Kingdom. 

- [Philippians 4:5; Hebrews 3:13; 10:24; James 5:16] -C 

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"A Plea to Memorize, Meditate, Retain & Pray Scripture" Pamphlet - Click Here!

A Great Delight!"

"You will find reading this book a great delight. 

Your soul will reverberate with these phrases, & your prayer life will be greatly enriched. ...This is one of those rare volumes

that will become a precious companion." 

- John F. MacArthur, Jr. 

"Prayeraphrases is uniquely done, uniquely printed, & uniquely presented, & deserves all the appreciation & commendation that anyone could command." 

- W.A. Criswell 

Wake Up Prayer 

Please consider praying aloud every morning! Many have expressed great benefit from praying this prayer. Dr. D. M. Lloyd-Jones strongly pleaded for this as does the compiler and Dr. D. James Kennedy urges a similar prayer aloud.

"Father, give me the grace right now to consider myself dead indeed unto sin but alive unto Thee through Jesus Christ my Lord. Shout in the ear of Satan and all the demons that you sent the Lord Jesus Christ to expose Satan and all the demons to be shattered, empty and defeated in Jesus' own triumphant victory at the cross where he shed his precious blood for the sin of the world." 

- (This is a brief paraphrase of the prayer in Appendix B in Prayeraphrases!) 

About the Editor 

Anthony J. Ruspantini has specialized in the study of the works of Spurgeon as well as modern preachers. He has been collecting and cataloging quotations for over 25 years. 

The Providence of GOD

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Priceless Legacies of Prayer